The Real – Episode 012 – Ann Magnuson

1901569_10153413994431974_3738294357935097633_nOn this week’s episode of The Real with Mark Wolfe, the great Ann Magnuson graces SAA Studios with her presence. She tells us all about her upcoming show for FestivALL: “Weird, Wild & Wonderful: Ann Magnuson presents an Evening of SuRURALism.”

Ann is a fantastic artist, singer, actress, and all around pleasant person to hang with. She told us great stories from her time in New York City’s art community and from her acting career. This is one of our best shows yet.

In other news, you can now go to iTunes and look up “The Real with Mark Wolfe and Steve Adams” to download us. We have our own iTunes channel? We’re a real show!

Show length is 53:27. You can listen to the show below:

Download The Real Episode 012 here.

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