The Real – Episode 031 – Charly Jupiter Hamilton

12935432_10154090411266974_1216339858_nOn this week’s episode of The Real with Mark Wolfe, Charleston artist Charles Jupiter Hamilton sits down with Mark to talk about his many creative endeavors.

From his bio:

Charles Jupiter Hamilton creates captivating acrylic canvases, hand-built sculptures, craved and painted wood wall reliefs and self pulled block prints that combine the vitality of contemporary art with a rich and resonant figurative imagery. Highly expressive and known for a satirical visual humor; his conflicting colors, elaborate patterns and painterly casualness, come together in a kind of “new world primitivism.” Charly’s popular visions of an art life are laced with his gonzo enthusiasm, child like mischief, and an eye full of wild weather.

Learn more about Charles here.

Show length is 45:05. You can listen to the show below:

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